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Artist | Traditional Art
23 years old dreamer living in Helsinki.
Travelling, reading, the occult and weird movies inspire me.
I share my apartment with a peculiar cat called Misha.


I'm not practically new here, but I was away for over two years and decided to come back on this fine Friday evening.  :P 

I had to google myself to find my account as I didn't even remember my username!

I wonder how this place has changed since the last time I logged in? The site looks a bit different at least! :| (Blank Stare)  But yes hello to all you lovely and creative deviants out there!
Hand of Glory by jennamoi
Hand of Glory
Markers, ink and gold leaf on paper.

A bad picture of something I finished last night, this will have to do until I manage to take a better picture. I like how the gold reflects light in this, the shiny black of the background bothers me a lot though. I couldn't figure out how to make it a nice, even black so I gave a chance to a bottle of ink. So many regrets right there. The ink and paper did not compliment each other at all (started doing this on a scrap paper as I didn't yet know I wanted to finish it). This was also my second try at gilding anything so there's a lot of room for improvement. :p (Lick) 
Un cadavre vivant by jennamoi
Un cadavre vivant
It has been a little over two years since my last login here. I don't recall if I had a specific reason to stay away, other than being really frustrated with my artwork. Everything I created seemed ugly, unoriginal and pointless. I couldn't stop comparing myself with all the creativeness this site showcases. Picking up a pen or a camera was a struggle, my inspiration wasn't anywhere near to be found. I let my dull mind rest, as everytime I tried to force myself to draw something, anything, fearing I'd eventually even forget how to hold a pencil in my hand proved to be a mistake. I thought I was encouraging myself when even fact I was just pushing the creativity even further away.

In two years I have traveled, gotten quite tattooed, broke my heart into millions of tiny pieces, managed to put most of the pieces back together to a lump that remotely resembles a heart, I have grieved, suffered from insomnia, learned to read tarot cards and how to sleep 13 hours a day, adopted a cat who's nearly as messed up in the head as I am, I have laughed so hard I fell off a chair and snorted wine out of my nose, cried enough to fill up a bath tub at least and learned how to trust people just a tiny bit more which makes life easier, I have noticed.

Recently I've gotten the urge to draw back, the good kind of itching in my brain that tells me something good is cooking up there. I've let myself to doodle and sketch with no hurry or even intent to finish the pieces. I stopped carrying cameras with me everywhere I went, stopped pressuring myself to find an interesting photograph every time I stepped out of the door and let myself just to watch and observe my surroundings which most of the time were boring as hell. I let myself work on the same drawing for months, almost a year, taking the tiniest steps forward.

Last night I finished a drawing I started in august. I'm not completely happy with it but there's a lot I like and even being able to call it finished means a lot to me. I started thinking of this site, the positive atmosphere and the few people I used to talk to regularly. I'm sure I wont be going anywhere this time. Thanks for reading. Sweating a little... 
I was gone for two years. I will try my best to rise from my grave, shake the dust and cobwebs off and be active on here again. Going to share some of my new artwork with you guys soon!
I got exciting news few days ago, a picture I took is going to published in a magazine! :dummy:

I have kind of mixed feelings about this, this is not at all how I expected it to happen. Well, actually I've never even considered the possibility that my work would someday be published.

Anyways, my picture will be in Hyphen Magazine ( and it comes out in April :)

I'll tell you how it happened:
I use Instagram, the awesome little app for iPhone. I took a picture of a fortune cookie I was eating because I thought it was mocking me, telling me how romance would move me in a new direction blah blah blah. Then someone commented on it telling me I should submit it to Hyphen's contest, they were looking for, what else than *drumroll*, pictures of fortune cookies! I decided to give it a try, and forgot about it completely until I got a message saying my picture was chosen for the publication.

So yeah, of course it feels awesome that a photograph I took is gonna be in a magazine and everyone will see it, but...I took a quick look at the rest of the photos in the competition and most of them weren't good. At all. It'd be different if all of the pictures were great, now it's like my picture is just one of the "not so bad" ones instead of one of the best ones.

And the picture is taken with my cellphone, kinda funny as I always say "I ONLY SHOOT FILM" and then the first picture of mine that is published is taken with a digital camera, oh the irony. And what bothers me is that I didn't even really try, so I feel a little bit like I don't deserve it! It's just a snapshot of a half eaten cookie with a silly prophecy inside.

AAAAaaghhh I need to snap out of this! Why am I only complaining when something like this happens? So let's change the attitude a little:

I'm being published!  Yay! Let's have a drink for it!!

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